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Where to Buy and How to Care For Sisal Carpets?

How to Care For Sisal Carpets
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It’s 2024 and you’re still worried about “where to buy and how to care for sisal carpets?” As it is said “The more you put jaggery, the sweeter it becomes” You can invest thousands of Dirhams in buying your sisal carpets but the main thing is “Who’s the one who offers you the best quality at the most competitive rates?” The answer is no one else than the leading supplier in the industry. Currently, the top names in the industry include Jute Rugs and Sisal Carpet Dubai.

How to Care For Sisal Carpets?

As we’ve talked about where to buy your sisal carpets in Dubai, the very next question that arises after purchasing them is How to care for sisal carpets? Don’t worry, we’ve also got you covered in this field as well. You can just follow any of these steps (depending upon the conditions of your carpet) and easily keep them well-maintained:

How to care for sisal carpets

1. Enjoy the Earth Power:

Now, you don’t even need a vacuum to clean your sisal carpets. Yes, it’s True! To remove a gentle/light amount of duct from your carpets, you can just sprinkle an adequate amount of baking soda on it, then leave it for at least 15 minutes. 

Now, after 15 minutes, you can simply sweep it with the help of a broom. And Congrats, it’s Done! This is only because the baking soda tightly binds with the sand particles to neutralize the natural odors & make themselves easy to clean above the surface.

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2. Coffee Grounds to the Rescue:

How to Care For Sisal Carpets if you’ve spilled something oily on your carpet’s surface? Don’t worry, we’ve got the solution to get you covered! With the help of just simple coffee grains, your problem could be solved. Start by sprinkling some dry coffee grounds on the stain spots. 

Now, let them remain on the surface for about 30 minutes. After this, It’s time to vacuum them from the surface of the sisal carpet and you’re done! Besides just cleaning the stain, A faint fragrance of coffee is an additional bonus you get as a result.

3. Citrus Surprise:

How to Care For Sisal Carpets if they’ve got some minor stain above their surface? Let’s explore this. So, to do so, you have to make an equally proportioned mixture of water & lemon juice. Put them into a spray bottle. Now, gently mist this mixture on the stain spots, then blot it with a clean cloth, and let it air dry. 

Important Note: Always avoid its usage on colored sisal carpets as it contains bleaching that can damage the carpet’s surface color.

4. Salt, the Multitasker:

How to Care For Sisal Carpets if they’ve got extra moisture & unpleasing pet odors inside them? To do this, you simply need to start by sprinkling a gentle amount of salt on a damp area and leave it for almost an hour, you’ll notice that the salt is absorbing the moisture inside the carpet. Now, after 1 hour, you can just vacuum it. And Congrats, you’ve got the job Done!

An additional benefit of using this method is that; it also tends to be an effective way to neutralize the stinky pet odors inside your sisal carpets.

5. Ice Cube Chilling:

How to Care For Sisal Carpets if chewing gum gets stuck on its surface? Well if you try to remove it simply by hand, it’ll damage your carpet’s texture and look. Therefore, you should use the ice cube chilling method to do so. 

For this, you only need an ice cube and put it right on the spot where chewing gum is stuck. You’ll notice that the chewing gum gets harder & harder, once it gets hard enough as much as it can, you can easily crumble it away from the surface of your carpet.

Wrap Up!

So, you’ve already explored the whole topic in-depth where to buy and how to care for sisal carpets? The above-mentioned steps are effective in cleaning or maintaining your premium sisal carpets. But, it is always suggested to hire a professional for seasonal maintenance of your luxury sisal carpets as it ensures that your carpets remain the same as they originally looked and also increases their lifespan.

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